Hi, I am aylmer

Aylmer Britto R

AI-Systems Research Engineer

I am an ENGINEER who has always fantacised about ways machines communicate with human-beings. During the day I am one happy AI-Systems engineer at Capillary technologies and in the dark I head and contribute a bunch of fun projects at my various happy places. :)
Apart from being an engineer I love to cook. And I love everything about music making covers, original or even dig more on the music theories.

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Time conscience
Design Thinking


AI systems Architect

Feb 2021 - Present,

AI for Good is driving forward technological solutions that measure and advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We create impact by bringing together a broad network of interdisciplinary researchers, nonprofits, governments, and corporate actors to identify, prototype and scale solutions that engender positive change. Founded in 2015 by a team of Machine Learning and Social Science Researchers in the US and Europe, AI for Good is headquartered in Berkeley, California with an international network of core team members, partners and volunteers supporting our work.

  • I Work on the aiforgoodsimulator which is a web tool for NGOs and local authorities to model COVID-19 and other epidemics inside refugee camps and prepare timely and proportionate response measures needed to flatten the curve and reduce the number of fatalities. This tool is designed to help humanitarian workers prevent the worst outbreak scenarios and design an optimal intervention strategy.
  • My responsibility is to build system with the best process and system optimisation techniques that are most required for the application.


March 2020 - Present,

Co-founded the team and currently heading multpile projects that focusses on human-computer interaction. Building open source projects and also designing architectures that helps people percieve artificial intelligence on competitive edge devices. Hence making it available for everybody on the face of this planet
Currently we are a small team of 10 Engineers , 1 graphic designer and a product designer.

  • thedesign.app (Under construction and is expected to release soon with white paper)
    - Targetted for merchants and indepedent freelancers who own their own business and are trying to make progress online in this pandemic season. It facilitates a platform for the clients to place an order in their merchant site and also follow the progress of their order. It also helps to manage multiple freelancers with one supervisor to assign them tasks and monitor them.
    - Although this first version of the project is aimed for free lancing graphic designers we will be making it opensource and will be releasing a framework where any independent professionalists like attornies, content-writers can modify content and use it like zammad.
    - To make the adoption easier we will be releasing our white paper in arxiv and attempt to setup a forum with support team.
  • theGreetDoll
    - This is a small AI-customised gift made of cardboard. When you a particular person is at the table it recognises them and wishes them.
    - The best part about the greetDoll is that the manufacturing cost is less than 10$ and is independent of any cloud servers
    - Configuration and Inferencing is done on the edge device.
    - This also contains a easily configurable Digital-slam Book.
  • theRealSmartSwitch
    - We are making a smart switch that does not require to rewire the entire building to make it smart. We are making a detachable hook-bot that runs a servers on its own and communicates with the inmates of the house through mobile app and voice assitants like Goolge and Alexa.
    - The estimated manufacturing cost is less than 4$

AI-Systems Engineer, Instore AI and Customer Intelligence Team
Capillary Technologies

Dec 2019 - Present, Bangalore

Our products involve developing systems that involves Artificial intelligent solutions that improves Customer-Retailer relationship. This involves studying the customer counts, their demographics and their activity in the store and coming up with suggestions to improve shopping experience.

  • Five patents to be filed titled as - A contemporary approach for Industrial IoT software packaging, encryption and distribution
    - An architecture for mass Industrial IoT devices management with more security and operation ease
    - Synchronised co-processor architecture for retailer’s demography data acquisition
    - IoT cum Vision-based solution for device localization in remote fields
    - AI-Devices Assembly for person detection with superlative performance
  • Smart Store Team
    - Design customer facing system architectures for edge computing devices to acquire data and communicate with the data hub.
    - Involves system security and the way it self configures itself to send heartbeat, report anomality and smooth auto-installation of new packages if available in the deployer.
    - Make ease of operations features.
    - To build IoT based debugging features on the device. So that if the system goes down remote-debugging can be done. - Desiging a univeral inference engine that interprets any heavy Deep learning models on low compute edge devices.
  • Customer Intelligence Team
    - Design and maintain AWS based system architectures to train and infer customer data using big data tools like hadoop, spark.
    - Data Engineering on heavy datasets to make sure that analysis is happening smoothly without any stress on the inference engines.
    - Also improve e-commerce based propensity models that recommends products or recommends the right promotion content or the promotion time slot for the target user to receive the message so he responds appropriately.

Strategic Investment Intern
Euro Exim Bank

Apr 2019 - Dec 2019, Reporting Office London

Delivered research and realtime projects on cutting-edge technologies. Also involves market research which to analyse the audacity of particular technologies for the bank to invest and build products.

  • Brain Computing Interface - Develop systems to tap EEG signals and export them to proper waveforms with relevant pre-processing. The acquired data was used for creating a feedback system for brain therapeutic machines that help us calm down and meditate.
  • Bone Conduction
    - Develop minute spying devices that works on bluetooth and bone conduction transducers
    - Develop bone conduction microphones that outperforms throat microphones at extremely high noise environments
  • Pizza Vending Robot - To design an industrial standard, robot ecosystem that receives customer orders, cook the pizza and deliver it to them. The system also included a rail bot that can brings the vendor bot the required elements on demand.

Data Analyst Intern
Einnel Technologies

Jun 2018 - Jul 2018, Chennai

  • Developed an interface for my team’s mechanical engineers that does multivariable-optimisation techniques on huge car-crash datasets

IoT Developer, Test-Developments team
Nokia Solutions and Networks

Apr 2018 - Nov 2018, Chennai

  • Designed and implemented ‘Universal Overall Engine effectiveness Module’ (UOEE module).
    - Replaced NI-6501s that was very hard for the technicians to interact with.
    - UOEE module cut several costs with respect to components and maintenance - The new system had UI that made the technicians life better 10x and gave a better perspective of the system.

Student Chapters

Technorats Robotics

March 2019 - March 2018,

Technocrats Robotics is the official robotics team of VIT Chennai which participates in ABU-Robocon and Indian-Rover Challenge.
Stories to tell
Briefing my experiences in a seperate page and would share here soon :)

Electrical Engineer

March 2017 - March 2018

    Electrical - Head of the Department

    March 2018 - March 2019

      Adivisory Board

      March 2019 - March 2020

        Co-Founder | Overall Projecets Head
        IEEE Computer Society

        Aug 2018 - March 2020s, Chennai

        Co-Founded this society with couple of my best friends Krishnkumar M and Adithya Narayan to build an environment where people from various diciplines would come in to learn and build products that they were fascinated about and also delivers some meaning to the society
        Briefing my experiences in a seperate page and would share here soon :)



          one Click face registration
          one Click face registration
          Contributor Feb 2020

          Created a central-serverless lua based ecosystem where multiple cameras join a flock independently if intended and captures an image from the set perspective. Post capture, the images can be downloaded if needed without the user worrying about the the point of contact.

          Smart Garbage System
          Smart Garbage System
          Contributor Jun 2018 - Dec 2018

          The architecture involved a whole gated community: The common people, cleaning-executives and the corporation. Taking into account the human behavious and comfort I designed an IoT architecture to prevent garbage-overflow which is a very pressing issue in the country I come from

          Bone Conduction Microphone - Speaker Recognition
          Bone Conduction Microphone - Speaker Recognition
          Contributor Sept 2018 - Mar 2019

          An attempt to develop a bone conduction microphone similar to throat microphone which comes handy in highly noise environments. With the acquired bone voices we bult a voice reco-system with vgg-vox as our base model

          Tech Lead June 2020 - Ongoing

          This is an AI-based gift doll. In this there runs a server that hosts a webpage which is like a digital slam book. The part is recognises a person particular face and reacts when they are in proximity. The whole thing had to be designed on the edge device so that the people are not worried about the privacy issue.

          Crop-Yield Production
          Crop-Yield Production
          Contributor April 2019 - Sept 2019

          Synthesized our dataset for the project. Developed a time-series model that predicts the crop-yield and environment condition which would help real-time system to improve the harvest of that season. We used LORA-WAN architecture in the real-time system

          iotBased Plate Balance Game
          iotBased Plate Balance Game
          Tech Lead June 2020 - Ongoing

          Developed a unity game and integrated with a custom gaming console. The game is basically to balance a plate-shaped console in response to the balls that are falling on the game screen. It was developed to attract crowds to the registration desk during the technical fest



          Best Student Paper Award, National University of Singapore

          Best Project Award

          IEEE Student Fund Winner